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Truck Accidents Attorney in Escondido, California

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, more than 116,000 people were injured in trucking accidents in 2015 alone. Due to the sheer size and weight differences between a large commercial truck and a standard car, the occupants in the passenger vehicle typically sustain the majority of the injuries. These injuries are often severe and life-threatening and can result in permanent disability, as well as a lifetime of pain and suffering.

In the state of California, more than 223 million tons of freight are routinely shipped internally within Southern California. San Diego County sees hundreds of commercial trucks on the roads every day. In fact, Interstate 15, Interstate 5, and Freeway 67 are often loaded with semi-trucks en route to their final destinations. Shockingly, nearly 75% of the serious trucking accidents that occur on these roads occur during daylight hours.

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Who Is to Blame After a Truck Accident?

Trucking accidents are often complex and catastrophic from the start. Immediately after the crash, injured passengers may be rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the vehicles towed quickly to free up traffic along the road. This can make it difficult to truly determine who is to blame for the crash. After all, there are often multiple parties responsible for trucking accidents, including:

  • Trucking companies – truck companies may hire untrained drivers, fail to keep their vehicles maintained, or break FMCSA rules and regulations.

  • Truck drivers – truck drivers may drive fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They may also drive distracted or reckless.

  • Shipping companies – these companies may be negligent in packaging the shipments and loading cargo inside the truck. Unbalanced or unsecured cargo can cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle on the road.

  • Maintenance companies – these companies may cut corners in regular maintenance in an effort to save money. Not changing tires, brakes, and other safety components could be disastrous on the road.

  • Truck or trucking part manufacturers – if a truck or truck part was manufactured with a defect, this could cause serious and catastrophic injuries.

  • Passenger vehicle drivers – other drivers are sometimes responsible for trucking accidents. They may have stopped suddenly in front of a large commercial truck, swerved into their lane, or moved in front of a truck driver without warning.

  • City or county responsible for maintaining road – if a roadway is improperly maintained, this could cause serious trucking accidents. Road defects, improper road design, and poor upkeep can all contribute to deadly trucking crashes.

It is important to clearly establish who is to blame after a trucking accident. Since multiple parties may share in the liability, your attorney will need to investigate your accident closely to establish a clear chain of liability so you can recover the fair compensation you need.

Contact San Marcos Truck Accident Lawyer Anthony Abbott

When you are injured in a truck accident, you may have suffered serious and permanent disability as a result. When this happens, you need a law firm on your side with the experience and resources needed to tackle these complex cases – and win. San Marcos truck accident attorney Anthony Abbott has been representing injured trucking accident victims throughout San Diego County for over 50 years. The Law Office of Anthony Abbott diligently works to help injured accident victims recover the money they need to put their lives back together again after surviving devastating truck accidents.

With an office conveniently located in San Marcos, we offer legal services throughout the entire San Diego area, including Escondido, Encinitas, Poway, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Del Mar, Pala Mesa, Rancho Santa Fe, El Cajon, and more. Contact us at Anthony Abbott, Attorney at Law for a free initial consultation and review of your case. We’re ready to fight for you.