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An Experienced Attorney, 50+ Years in Practice

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What Sets Anthony Abbott Apart?

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Anthony Abbott Has Over
50 Years of Legal Experience.

Having spent years in various careers across the legal industry, Anthony Abbott is prepared to tackle just about any case that comes his way.

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I Deeply Care About
Your Well-Being & Your Future.

When so much is on the line, don't settle for less than truly dedicated service. Protecting your rights will always be my top priority.

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I Will Never Back
Down from a Challenge.

I'll go to great lengths for our clients. In the face of adversity, I'm prepared to fight tooth and nail for the outcome you rightfully deserve.

Family Law & Personal Injury
Attorney in the State of California

Anthony Abbott, man with white hair sitting in chair, attorney

Anthony Abbott, Attorney at Law

"I care for my clients. I have two speeds stop, and full speed ahead"

Over the course of his career, Anthony Abbott has held a variety of roles within the legal space. In addition to practicing law, he's served as a California Superior Court Judge and has been employed at various insurance companies. Across all of Anthony's positions, one thing has remained the same: his passion for holding dishonest people accountable. He believes that when someone does something wrong, they should have to answer for it.

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Protect Your Loved One's Last Wishes

Trust Disputes Will Contests Estate Litigation

Your deceased loved one designed their estate plan for a reason. If a dispute involving their will or a trust has surfaced, things can quickly get emotional. Turn to us for help to seek a favorable solution.

Honest & Ethical Advocacy

That's Not Afraid to Fight for What's Right

No matter problem you're up against — whether it's a trust dispute or a battle with your insurance company after a car accident — having a skilled attorney in your corner may give you the edge you need.

Anthony Abbott, takes great pride in how he handles his clients' cases. By balancing his steadfast ethics with his fighting spirit, he'll work to hold others responsible for the hurt they've caused you.

Anthony Abbott has been going to bat for clients since 1970. He's ready to call upon his decades of experience to help you build a case tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us today at Anthony Abbott, Attorney at Law to arrange a free consultation. Mr. Anthony Abbott represents clients all over the State of California.